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PSD to HTML PSDtoHTMLshop is specialized in converting web designs to html and css. Many web designers design a website for their customers, but don’t offer the possibility to convert that design to HTML and CSS, thus converting it into a ‘real, working website’. The process of converting a design to HTML and CSS is also called PSD to HTML, but what is it exactly and what does it mean?

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What is PSD to HTML?

The term ‘PSD to HTML’ is being used when converting a web design to HTML and CSS. Many web designers use Photoshop to design their website and when you save a Photoshop design you get a file with the .psd extension. The next step is converting that PSD file to HTML and CSS, and that is exactly where the term PSD to HTML comes from. There are many companies offering a similar converting service, but they only convert PSD files. At PSDtoHTMLshop, the term .psd stands for every format in which a website can be designed. For example, pdf files, word files, jpg files and illustrator files are formats in which a website can be designed. You can give all your web designs to us and we will make sure that they will be converted to html and css with the greatest care.

Requirements of the HTML

When we convert a website to HTML and CSS, this is not being done on the fly. We guarantee high-quality HTML and CSS and to make sure this is always the case, we set up some guidelines. The most important guideline is that the HTML and CSS is being properly displayed in every browser. Whether you’re using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari or any other browser, the website will always look the same. Your visitor will not be disappointed by seeing an incorrect design. The second guideline is validating the HTML and CSS by the W3C rules. When the code is valid, the browsers will display the code like it should, and the search engines will also be able to read the code which can result in a better position in the search engines. The last requirement we want our HTML and CSS code to meet is that it’s ‘search engine ready’. All elements will be nested properly so that search engines know which content is important and that they will ‘scan’ the website in the correct way.


When converting your web design to HTML and CSS we mean that we convert your design to XHTML 1.0. and CSS 2.1. They are the latest versions and have full support from all browsers, which means that the code will always be properly displayed without using a (JavaScript) fix. It’s also possible to convert your web design to the new HTML5 and CSS3. For more information you can visit our page about PSD to HTML5.

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